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The F. Scott Fitzgerald Newsletter is published annually by the F. Scott Fitzgerald Society and is edited by Robert Beuka, English Dept., Bronx Community College, Bronx, NY 10453. The co-editor is Ruth Prigozy, English Dept., Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549.

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2012 F. Scott Fitzgerald Newsletter - 20 pages

In this edition:
Eleventh International Fitzgerald Conference: Lyon, 2011... 1
Fitzgerald Panels at ALA Conference, Boston, May 2011... 5
Fitzgerald Award to Maxine Hong Kingston at 2011 Rockville Conference... 6
Fitzgerald Mini-Conference in New York, August 2012... 7

Articles & Features
Notes on the Exhibition Zelda Fitzgerald: Choreography in Color by Laura Somenzi... 8
The Death of Dick Humbird: Solving a Fitzgerald Mystery by W. Barksdale Maynard... 11
Inside the World of Gatz: Questions for John Collins
by Robert Beuka... 12
News and Notes by Peter L. Hays... 14

2011 F. Scott Fitzgerald Society Newsletter - 24 pages

In this edition:
Eleventh International Fitzgerald Conference: Lyon, 2011 ... 1
Fitzgerald Panels at ALA Conference, San Francisco, May 2010 ... 4
Fitzgerald Society at the NCTE Conference, Orlando, 2010 ... 5
McDermott Receives Fitzgerald Award at 2010 Rockville Conference ... 6

Articles & Features
Michel Viel: A Remembrance, J. Gerald Kennedy ... 8
New Research on Fitzgerald at Princeton, W. Barksdale Maynard ... 9
The End for Lands End: An Inessential House Melts Away, Robert Beuka ... 10

News and Notes (pg 13) compiled by Peter L. Hayes includes: Luhrmann's Grate Gatsby; Fitzgerald Bio from the 60s; Gatsby and Charlie Brown; The Great Gatsby Saves a Bookstore—For a While; Class Notes of 1917; Gatsby Electronica; Fitzgerald-related Houses on Long Island; Ring's Place; Banana Buchanan; Fitzgerald and Salinger; Gatz Takes Manhattan; Fitzgerald and Sex; From the Catalogs.

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2010 F. Scott Fitzgerald Newsletter - 24 pages


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