Saturday Evening's Closing Reception

After a long day of learning, the anticipation for the evening performance by the Everyman Theater was intense. It was a time to thank the great committee responsible for pulling off the logistics without a hitch: site director Richard Morrison, our own Baltimore sages Margaret Galambos and Joan Hellman, and program director Heidi M. Kunz. Appropriately enough for a Fitzgerald convocation, closing banquets are at once celebratory and melancholy, a summing up of how many ideas have been covered in a mere three days, but also the sorrow of knowing it will be another two years before we reconvene in some other glamorous locale.… So we beat on, as a great writer once said.

Saturday evening


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Now playing “Babes in the Woods” performed by Harry MacDonough and Lucy Isabelle Marsh (Victor, 1917). To silence, click on the "stop" button.

Photos courtesy of Tom Adams